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Step 1: Add a bunch of extra sugar to some cut up strawberries.  Then add water in slight excess of that which would be required to form a saturated sugar water solution at the refrigerator’s temperature.  This keeps the strawberry slices from fully dehydrating and saturates them with the syrup the strawberry enzymes make by the time the syrup is collected. (Collect underpants)

Step 2: Wait a while. (???)

Step 3: Collect the strawberry syrup and enjoy the sweetened strawberries. (Profit!)

Step 4: Boil the strawberry syrup with a very small amount of added butter or oil until you end up with a caramel.  Don’t over do it unless you want to make a brittle instead.

Step 5: Pour out the hot caramel and wait for it to cool down to cut it up into small pieces.

Step 6: Get frustrated when you realize you forgot to lay out confectioners sugar on the cookie sheet before pouring a hot and sticky substance on it.

Step 7: Break up the cooled mass into bite size pieces.


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