Jan 102012
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Well, I am back home and I had a fantastic time skiing with my family and friends.  It was nice to be able to spend time with them without the looming stress of going back to class hanging over my head.  Now its just finishing up graduate school applications.

The last day on the mountain was a lot of fun, though a little wearing.  We skied from ~9am until ~8pm, and the slopes were wide open (my guess is most people were still hung over from new year’s eve) for most of the day.

I also took a video while going down the Payday run.  Unfortunately, its a bit large and I’ll need to compress it before posting it.  It starts about 50ft down from the top of the lift and ends a bit after I end back at the bottom of the lift.  It should probably be watched without the sound on.  This wasn’t my fastest run, but I was a little tired and I was worried I might crash and lose my (crappy) camera.  I’ll have the video up when I get the time to pare it down to a manageable size.

The flight home was rather uneventful, but it was nice to finally be back in town.

Jan 012012
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Day 4 was a day to stay up the mountain.  Even though there was a little snow from the previous night, it quickly mixed in with the slush.  We avoided the slush near the base by exploring the McConkey area, but there was only a couple runs and no bowls open.  Unfortunately, the McConkey area was also a bit rocky.  Day 5 was great, there was a bit of fresh snow from the night before and brief flurries in the morning.  Thankfully, it was cold enough that most of the new snow stayed powder.

Dec 292011
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Well, the second day was awesome.  I got to hit the slopes from 9am to 2pm then 5pm to 8pm.  What a long day and night on a “bald mountain.”

In other news, today it rained and it was decided that skiing down slush and rock would be rather unpleasant…

Dec 272011
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It’s been a day and I’ve already carved up a third of Park City. There isn’t much snow out here, but there’s supposedly some on the way soon.  I took a couple pictures a ways up the mountain (see gallery below).  It was a fantastic view, but it wasn’t the snow covered peaks I was hoping for.  I’ll throw some more pictures up here in future posts as my vacation continues.

Dec 122011
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Dec 092011
 December 9, 2011  Posted by at 12:01 am Chemistry, Photos, Random Musings Tagged with: , , , , , , ,  Comments Off on Study of Light Paths in a Fluorescent Medium

This time I used a bottle of tonic water with my 405nm laser.  The quinine in the tonic water is fluorescent and glows with a bright blue color under UV light.  It also clearly displays where the light path is.


Dec 082011
 December 8, 2011  Posted by at 3:53 pm Chemical Engineering, Photos, Random Musings Tagged with: , , ,  Comments Off on Fluid Dynamics in a Rocks Glass

So I was intrigued by how clearly I could see thermal counter diffusion gradients in my whiskey, and I took a bunch of pictures of it.  The shape of my rocks glass did a great job diffracting the light from my computer monitor, which incidentally emphasized the density and refractive index differences at the surfaces of the protruding fingers of cold water.

Dec 082011
 December 8, 2011  Posted by at 2:40 pm Photos, Random Musings Tagged with: , , ,  Comments Off on Strawberry Caramel… Or Brittle

Step 1: Add a bunch of extra sugar to some cut up strawberries.  Then add water in slight excess of that which would be required to form a saturated sugar water solution at the refrigerator’s temperature.  This keeps the strawberry slices from fully dehydrating and saturates them with the syrup the strawberry enzymes make by the time the syrup is collected. (Collect underpants)

Step 2: Wait a while. (???)

Step 3: Collect the strawberry syrup and enjoy the sweetened strawberries. (Profit!)

Step 4: Boil the strawberry syrup with a very small amount of added butter or oil until you end up with a caramel.  Don’t over do it unless you want to make a brittle instead.

Step 5: Pour out the hot caramel and wait for it to cool down to cut it up into small pieces.

Step 6: Get frustrated when you realize you forgot to lay out confectioners sugar on the cookie sheet before pouring a hot and sticky substance on it.

Step 7: Break up the cooled mass into bite size pieces.