Jul 022012
 Going Home to Celebrate Independence Day  July 2, 2012  Posted by at 9:20 pm Random Musings Tagged with: , , , , , ,  Comments Off on Going Home to Celebrate Independence Day

I’ll be home for the holiday to take some much needed time off of work at Dow. My time here has been outstanding so far! But, a little relaxation will help keep me going the second half of the summer. I miss my family and friends back home. As a convenience (to myself) I’ve found a nifty countdown plugin and added a countdown to my arrival in Gainesville after the jump.

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May 282012
 May 28, 2012  Posted by at 10:46 am Chemical Engineering, Education Tagged with: , , ,  Comments Off on Off to a Summer Internship at Dow Chemical

So, today is my last day in my home town for a while. Tomorrow, I leave to travel to my summer internship at Dow!!! I’m rather excited for the switch from real world problems in an academic setting to those posed by private industry. A copy of the job description is after the jump. From what I can gather, I will be assisting with designing and implementing data analysis systems for experimental data using JMP, a powerful and flexible statistical analysis program. This will be really interesting, as a long time interest and hobby of mine has been artificial neural networks and intelligent control design. Stretching, flexing, and building those mental muscles will be a welcome change from my past research focus on process design for fluid phase multi-component energy and mass transfer (heat exchangers, distillation columns, liquid-liquid extraction columns, etc) in the context of use for the Unit Ops Lab. Getting a taste of work in the industry between undergrad and grad school will help me decide on which primary career path I want to take after I get my next degree: work in the general private sector or continue with academia. I’ll have about ten weeks to fully immerse myself in a new set of challenges. This will be a lot of fun!
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